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Independence Day – Colonial and Modern Celebrations

Credit for the thinking behind this blog goes to my colleague Reuel who came up with some awesome ideas for a piece of writing centered around July 4.  For those who may not know, Reuel is the talent behind the artful photography and videography that appears on our website, in our email communications and in our social media posts.  Every meal you see is exactly what you will find on your plate when you order from us – no stock photos, ever.  Reuel is a specialist in graphic design and is one of those unique artists for whom words come as naturally as pictures.  As we bite into our hamburgers and hotdogs this July 4 let us give some thought to what our colonial ancestors may have been eating on this day.

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Beef Bourguignon – how do you say it?

There’s a joke in the Healthy Gourmet kitchen to do with the pronunciation of one of our prepared meals – the traditional French “Beef Bourguignon”.  To a Brit like me, the pronunciation of French vocabulary might be easy but it’s only because we grew up living across the channel from France.

On the other hand, we struggle to pronounce most things on a Mexican menu so when I hear the name “Beef Boing-Boing-Boing” mentioned by Chef Barry it makes me smile and decide I much prefer it said that way!

Jokes aside, what is there to learn about this mighty dish?  As with any well-loved, timeless recipe the answer is plenty…

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Chimichurri Spotlight: Flavors of Argentina and Uruguay

Chimichurri is a savory sauce native to both Argentina and Uruguay. It is a delicious accompaniment to grilled meats, vegetables and fish and easy to prepare.  There is a green and a red version depending on selected herbs, vegetables and spices, but the core composition is essentially the same:  Finely chopped parsley, garlic, olive oil, vinegar and chili.

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Tortillas, Sauce, Cheese and Filling – The Whole Enchilada

Healthy Gourmet continues to celebrate the Tastes of Texas this week and in its honor, we offer you a ‘potted history’ of (‘the big’) Enchilada, one of Mexico’s famed national dishes and an overview of its many variations.  The traditional enchilada is a dish that inspired our Baked Chicken Enchilada prepared meal.

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Texas Food – Fusion Cuisine of The Lone Star State

When someone asks “what is Texas Cuisine” we are hard-pressed to come up with just one or two signature dishes or a singular style of cooking.  We could list well-known signature dishes such as “Barbecue”, “Chicken Fried Steak” or “Tex-Mex” but this would only provide half an answer.

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Garlic: The Triple Threat In Your Kitchen

By the end of this blog I can almost guarantee that you will learn at least one thing about the benefits of garlic that you didn’t know before you started as well as the answer to this trivia question:  Garlic is a vegetable otherwise known by what name?  To find out the answer you’re going to have to read on and search for it…

Healthy Gourmet’s menu is inspired by world cuisine.  We use garlic frequently in both fresh and powdered form to replicate authentic recipes from around the world.  Whether your taste buds are attuned to Asian, African, European or American homestyle food, we’ve got you covered.  You may be pleased to know that the garlic you’re eating is bringing more to the table than just flavor.

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How Your Greens Can Help Beat Your Blues

Planning meals, feeding the family and thinking about food in general have become central to our daily routine during the Covid-19 lockdown.  We are trying to follow the #stayathome mantra but in the process of doing so are finding ourselves in a predicament:  We are almost always within close proximity of the kitchen and stress eating is becoming a temptation.

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Is Frozen Food Good For You?

Covid-19’s Frozen Food Fallout

You may have heard the expression “old age doesn’t come alone”.  The Coronavirus is not unlike old age in the sense that it has brought with it a heap of household baggage in terms of its impact on our grocery expenditure and eating habits.  Never has there been a time since World War 2 when as a nation we have given so much thought to planning what we are going to eat, where we are going to source our food and how much we are going to spend on food – after of course we have reassured ourselves that we have enough toilet paper in the house.  Frozen food is occupying a bigger part of our grocery budget in the quest to combat empty shelves at the grocery store by planning ahead and frozen prepared meal delivery services such as Healthy Gourmet Your Way are becoming a household staple.

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