Why Are People Using A Meal Kit Delivery Service?

Why are people switching to meal-kit delivery?

Americans are busier than ever before and it is slowly taking a toll on our diets and health.  We have always had the same twenty-four hours in a day, but over the years it has somehow begun to feel like less.  This is likely because, as a society, we are cramming more in to every possible minute of the day.  With habits like these, it is no surprise that some of our daily activities, such as eating, are negatively impacted.  Less time to cook and eat equates frequenting the local drive through restaurants or outsourcing your meals.  While both are valid options, meal-kit deliveries can be a healthier option when it comes to outsourcing dinner.

In the last few years, meal-kit deliveries have risen rapidly in popularity.  The demand has become so high that there are more than a few choices when it comes to having your meals delivered straight to your doorstep.  While their delivery methods may be the same, the services can be vastly different.  To choose a meal-kit delivery service that is right for you, be clear about what you want and then do your homework to find the right fit.

Different Types of Meal-Kit Delivery

While there are variations of each, the two main types of meal-kit delivery services tend to be from big box meal providers and gourmet meal delivery services.

Big box providers send a box directly to the consumer’s doorstep.  Inside the box are a recipe card for the meal within and most of the ingredients required to make it.  It is worth noting that these types of meal-kit delivery services require the consumer to make a trip to the grocery store to pick up perishable ingredients for the meal, such as meat.  Once all the ingredients have been gathered together, the consumer can then begin cooking the meal per the directions on the recipe card.

Gourmet meal deliveries also send a box directly to the consumer’s doorstep, but that is generally where the similarities end.  This type of meal service typically provides consumers with complete, precooked meals that are vacuum packed and only require several minutes of warming before eating.  There is no cooking or messy pots and pans involved.

Why People are Switching to Full-Service Meal-Kit Delivery

Americans are turning to meal-kit delivery services in growing numbers because of the overwhelming benefits.  For most individuals, getting their meals from a delivery service will save them time, provide convenience, and still allow for a delicious and well-rounded dinner.

Order Prepared Meals Online

The benefits of outsourcing your meals through full-service meal-kit deliveries can include:

  • After a long day at work or chasing kids, the last thing most adults want to do is stand over pots and pans making a dinner that they likely won’t get to enjoy until well after dinnertime.  Using a meal-kit delivery service allows you to order dinners online at your convenience and then have them delivered directly to your doorstep.  If using a full service meal-kit delivery company, about the only thing left to do is unload the box and store the meals in the fridge until ready to enjoy.
  • More time. Think of the tasks involved with preparing a regular meal:  find a recipe, make a list of things you need, go to the grocery store to collect the ingredients, set aside time to prepare and cook the meal, and finally enjoy.  With a full service meal-kit delivery, most of these steps become obsolete as typically the only time required is to order meals online and warm them a few minutes before eating.  By cutting out so many of the steps associated with making dinner, some individuals may find that it feels as though they are putting extra hours in the day and eating better than before.
  • Gourmet Meals. With time being such a commodity, when it comes to making dinner most Americans understandably tend to cook tried and true recipes they already know how to make.  With a healthy gourmet meal-kit delivery, customers should expect the company to cook a variety of different meals that focus primarily on whole foods.  These meals are typically created and assembled by a chef that understands the importance of a delicious tasting meal made with quality ingredients.
  • Many rarely have the same exact schedule from week to week.  Whether it be a business trip, an unexpected emergency, or even a vacation, life happens—and a reputable meal-kit delivery service should understand that.  A good meal delivery service will allow a customer to choose which meals they prefer on the time table they prefer without a long term commitment.  This means customers can choose to order meals whenever it fits their schedule instead of trying to rotate their life around that of a meal delivery service.
  • Nutritional Variety. Today, it is considered common for individuals to have both voluntary and involuntary diet restrictions.  Whether you are trying out a keto diet or must eat gluten-free due to a celiac disease diagnosis, a reputable meal-kit delivery service generally accommodates a number of different dietary concerns with a variety of delicious options.
  • Delicious No Fuss Dinners. Dinner should be a respite from a hectic day and a relaxing experience enjoyed at the table.  Ordering dinner from a meal-kit delivery service should not sacrifice taste, but enhance it.  Because these meals are typically prepared and cooked by professionals who know flavor, some individuals may even find some new favorite foods that they have not tried before.  And many say the meal is just more enjoyable when there is not a sink full of pots and pans to deal with afterwards.

Meal-kit delivery services make eating dinner a pleasurable experience again and should save you just enough time for an after dinner walk or get together with friends.

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