The Delicious History of Mac ‘N Cheese


First brought to America by pre-hipster foodie Thomas Jefferson, macaroni and cheese has become a staple, a crowd-pleaser, and a multi-generational favorite comfort meal across the country. No two bowls of “Mac ‘n Cheese” are alike (unless they both come out of a blue box) and everyone thinks the version they grew up with is the best. It is estimated that in a 3-month span, one-third of all Americans will consume some version of Mac ‘N Cheese!

The first known written recipe for Macaroni and Cheese was scribbled down in 1767 according to a Smithsonian article. Thomas Jefferson fell in love with the pasta dishes he had while visiting France, and brought back a host of old-world recipes. Jefferson even served Mac ‘N Cheese for a state dinner!

In 1937, Kraft packaged their iconic version of Mac ‘N Cheese which quickly became an American favorite. The financial crisis of the 1930s and food rationing during World War II made the affordable, meatless dish even more popular. Since then, there have been countless renditions of the favorite dish from amateur cooks and world-renowned gourmet chefs alike.

Reinventing the Mac

We’ve reimagined the cultural favorite… the Healthy Gourmet way.

Despite its favor among all generations, most macaroni and cheese recipes lack real nutritional value. At Healthy Gourmet we’re all about inventing recipes that taste great and are super nutritionally-dense. We’ve scraped the fake cheese and simple-carb noodles and replaced them with gluten-free, protein-filled chickpea noodles and mouthwatering housemade cheese sauce made with real cheese made from organic milk. We’ve added a healthy serving of broccoli for additional texture, nutrients, and flavor.

Uncured bacon and cage-free roasted chicken pack on the protein and complement the cheesy flavor and creamy texture. You’ll want to try it with your order this week!


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