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Around The World in 7 Days (14-meal Bundle)

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Take a culinary tour of the world with this limited-edition collection of meals. Each box comes with a total of 14 meals – 2 each of 7 of our best sellers.

It’s the perfect 7-Day world tour for 2!

Adobo Chicken, Bangers and Mash, Chicken Cacciatore,
Street Corn Taco Bowl, Spaghetti Bolognese, Shepherd’s Pie,
and Jamaican Jerk Chicken.


Adobo Chicken × 2

The unofficial national dish of the Philippines, adobo is a cooking method using vinegar, garlic, soy sauce and spices. Traditionally mild in spice and tangy, we added a touch of annatto and bay leaves to our recipe. Then simmered the marinade with chunks of chicken thigh, and serve over garlicky fried rice and baby bok choy.

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Bangers & Mash × 2

A British pub favorite with a premium pork banger sausage, creamy mash, and a ladle of onion gravy. Served with a side of green peas.

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Chicken Cacciatore × 2

An Italian comfort classic meaning hunter’s chicken, made with tender chicken cutlets simmered in a rustic San Marzano tomato sauce with olives, peppers, and crimini mushrooms served with savory polenta cakes.

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Street Corn Taco Bowl × 2

Get satisfied with our version of Mexican street fare elevated. Made with fire roasted corn, peppers, pumpkin seeds (pepitas), cotija cheese, cilantro-lime dressing and taco seasoned ground beef.

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Shepherd's Pie × 2

A baked Irish staple featuring ground lamb and beef, veggies and herbs topped with creamy mashed potatoes made with real Irish butter.

Only 19 left in stock

Jamaican Jerk Chicken × 2

A Caribbean favorite made with juicy chicken marinaded in our boldly spiced jerk sauce, char grilled and served with roasted plantains and mango-lime black beans.

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Spaghetti Bolognese × 2

Our chefs crafted this well known favorite in the classic Italian style including a mix of ground beef and pork, white wine, herbs and premium San Marzano tomatoes. Served with “al dente” spaghetti pasta, and freshly grated parmesan cheese.

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