Why Choose Healthy Gourmet Your Way?

We know we are not your only option for meal delivery, but when you factor in taste, nutritional impact, convenience and cost, we believe we are the best healthy meal delivery service around. Order meals online at your convenience, choose the meals you want, and get them delivered to your door. Get healthy food delivered without the hassle of subscriptions or meal plans.
See what sets us apart:

Prepared Meals That Arrive Fresh

Our prepared meals are prepped and cooked every Wednesday and Thursday and arrive at your door by Friday, refridgerated and never frozen. We vaccum seal every meal to ensure freshness for 10 days after it arrives at your door. No artificial preservatives are used and our packaging is 100% BPA-Free.

All-Natural Ingredients

With Healthy Gourmet, "premade" means fresh. We source all-natural ingredients after we recieve orders for the week (through midnight of every Tuesday). This ensures our meals are prepped with fresh ingredients and arrive with maximum quality and taste.

Chef-Made Recipes

Healthy Gourmet recipes are developed in-house with nutrition and flavor in mind. Each recipe starts as an idea on our whiteboard. Our chef then meticulously calculates calories and nutrients utilizing healthy ingredients, and adjusts the recipe to meet our high taste and nutritional standards.

No Subscriptions Required

We've all been locked into an unwanted subscription service and had to jump through hoops to get out of it. That's why Healty Gourmet delivers premade meals without subscriptions or limiting meal plans. Order our food with ease of mind and only get the meals you want, when you want them.